Managing Time in Sports


Hailee Lamoreaux

Life can be overwhelming at times, but one must be able to schedule everything and have clear priorities.

Hailee Lamoreaux, Sports Editor

One major concern for high school student athletes and their loved ones, is whether they will be able to manage school, work, a job, extra activities, practice and still be successful and find a good balance.

What are the time management and productivity secrets of these athletes? Life can be overwhelming at times, but one must be able to schedule everything and have clear priorities. Alyxx Estrada, Junior stated, “I missed the other half of my tournament for a dance… my dad reassured me that it was okay. He told me, ‘You’re only a kid, a teenager once. Go have fun.’..I think making sacrifices is something that every athlete has gone through once, but I think people all learn to face them and organize ourselves better to put the more important things first.” With having school, a job, chores and throwing on top of that practice or games after school is a bit hectic, however there are plenty of tips on how to overcome these obstacles.

The secret to people’s success is becoming a highly proactive individual. Just as an athletes’ skills or playing abilities are vital to people’s on-court or on-field successes, their ability to plan ahead and take charge is also vital. Copper Hills student athletes have compiled these seven tips so students can begin to feel organized and less stressed in no time.

  • Decide what’s important to you
    • Having an idea of most to least important will make it easier to get the bigger things done.
  • Time-block people tasks
    • Spend 60 to 90-minute segments on focused productivity.
  • Avoid Distractions
    • Eliminate television, social media, video games, etc.
  • Plan ahead
  • Use your weekends wisely
  • Learn to say no to less important tasks
  • Ask for help

There is an immense amount of responsibility that student athletes have to manage physically and mentally. Not only do athletes carry the entire school spirit on a seasonal basis on their shoulders, athletes also have to keep their GPA up to remain eligible to play their sport. It goes without saying that mastering time management skills are a key trait every student-athlete needs to have. “I think getting help to properly maintain a good plan will help with being more organized and having less weight on your shoulders,” Cienna Burnside, Sophomore. The only way for student-athletes to succeed is to be highly organized. Sports already play a critical role in promoting the structure and development of life skills such as integrity, leadership, and responsibility. Being able to follow these tips and stay organized could possibly save a student-athletes’ playing career.