Sports Diets: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly


Kassidy Babcock

There are many different diets within the walls of Copper Hills, but not all are as good as they seem.

Lainee Miller, Staff Writer

Through the season, many athletes worry about what they eat. Trying to stay strong, while not gaining too much weight, can be a challenge.

Stepping onto a scale can be a scary thing for many people, but to wrestlers it is a natural thing. With it being a weighted sport they have to check their weight very often, sometimes as often as 2-3 times a day. From October to February most wrestlers have to have an extreme diet to stay in their chosen weight class. Kade Fisher, wrestler, said, “Some days can be harder than others like going to bed dehydrated because of weigh-ins in the morning or having to skip dinner because of that one pound.”

Not all sports diets are that intense when it comes down to it. Take the drill team for example, they need a higher protein diet to keep up with all the work they put in. Maria Warner, Sophomore, and Azurette said, “I feel like if you eat better, the more energy you will be able to have while dancing.” The work the Azurettes put in can be a toll on the body, and every day they need to make sure they replenish their body’s with the correct fluids.  They average 20 hours a week of non-stop flips, twists, and turns. It can make the body sore and tired, but with the right diet it can help the body heal.

Other sports throughout the school also have diets throughout their season, but not all are as strict. Softball, for example, not drinking soda and cutting down on junk food can help the players be quicker around the bases. Basketball needs a diet that can help them have energy throughout their whole game. Having more carbohydrates can help keep energy up as they run back and forth on the court.

Sports diets affect many athletes even if they don’t think about it. Many need to make sure they do it in a healthy way, and not end up starving or overeating. If any students have questions about good diet options for them, they should go ask any of the coaches or trained health professionals in our school.