Seven Titles in a Row!


Hailee Lamoreaux

Drill takes first place in state for the seventh year in a row.

Hailee Lamoreaux, Sports Editor

On February 2, 2019 at Utah Valley University’s UCCU Center, minutes felt like an eternity for members of the Copper Hills drill team as the state judges determined the final scores.

Rivals, Bingham High School had finished first place in military. Copper Hills, had taken 2nd. When the next category was announced, the dance portion, the rivals switched spots in placement. The Azurettes had performed with their whole hearts.

Not only were the routines near perfection in execution, but they gave the performance of a lifetime. “As a coach, this is all you could ever ask for. They truly are a dream team, and I couldn’t be more proud,” Katie Miller, Azurettes assistant coach said. At this point in the scoring, the results were at a tie, which meant that the 6A state title would come down to the kick portion of the evening.

Awards begun with Herriman (Mestenas) taking fifth, the Layton (Lancelles) in fourth. Then the big announcement went out — Bingham (Minerettes) tool third in kick. With that, officially after the announcement that Pleasant Grove (Vikettes) finished second in kick and Copper Hills first, the Azurettes had themselves another state title. “I’m so proud of everything we have done this season…we always have a saying that you work for what you want at practice and you just pick up the trophy at the competition, and that’s exactly what we did. we danced for everyone on the team, our coaches and all of our supporters…my last year was incredible and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Danika Jenson, Azurette. Lexie Peterson, another Azurette agreed, “All of us girls working together as one has put us through everything you could possibly think of. With that, it has built a huge bond that I have never felt these past three years being on drill. We were extremely grateful to have the opportunity to have worked with Shannon.”

6A overall results:

  1. Copper Hills
  2. Bingham
  3. Layton
  4. Pleasant Grove
  5. Herriman

6A full results:


  1. Bingham
  2. Copper Hills
  3. Hillcrest
  4. Herriman
  5. Layton



  1. Copper Hills
  2. Bingham
  3. Davis
  4. Layton
  5. Pleasant Grove



  1. Copper Hills
  2. Pleasant Grove
  3. Bingham
  4. Layton
  5. Herriman