Racing Hearts: Track Star Camilla Andam Rushed to Make Sure All Grizzlies had a Happy Valentine’s Day


Kassidy Babcock

Copper Hills High School junior, Camilla Andam, passes out a valentine to every student in a 6A school, in hopes of brightening their day.

Daniella Rivera, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Junior, Camilla Andam is one of Copper Hills star athletes who competes on both the Varsity Volleyball and Track teams. What many don’t know, is that Andam spends much of her extra time studying music. Recently, after a day of hitting the keys on her piano, and studying sheet music for hours on end, she found herself still awake at two in the morning, thinking about the students at Copper Hills.

“I remember we had been talking about suicide in a lot of young kids, and that was really sad to me,” Andam said. A fan of the holidays, Andam wondered about the impact a valentine given to every student in a 6A school would have. “I wanted everyone in Copper Hills to maybe have just a little bit more hope in their lives because I truly do care about everyone at Copper Hills and would take it personal if anyone thought I didn’t,” Andam said.  

Her intuition took over any doubts, and though she expected the process to be tiring, she was motivated and inspired by the selflessness of her mom, who took off a whole day to accompany Andam in completing her valentine movement. Her Mom loved the idea of letting her peers know that they are appreciated.

Valentine’s day arrived and Andam was in the attendance office first thing in the morning, making sure everything was organized correctly because she didn’t want one class to be missed. First period had begun, quickly students began to whisper who the secret valentine was. Handing out a dum-dum to every student in the classroom, teachers spoke upon the generosity and kindness that can come from such a small act of kindness, especially on a holiday that ironically leaves many students feeling lonely or left out.

Overwhelmed by the happiness, and positive comments on her action, Andam carried a glowing grin the rest of the day. She explained, “I don’t even know how to explain it. I was just happy.”

Continuing her goodwill to the student body of Copper Hills, Camilla Andam makes sure to greet passersby in the halls, daily. She is confident that it brightens even the saddest of days for students, especially when they are least expecting it. It not only makes the receiver content but Andam herself for taking only seconds of her own time to say hello to those she doesn’t know personally.

Furthering her benevolence into her future career, Camilla hopes to become a dental hygienist, and to give children who feel helpless, hope. “It would be so amazing to work with foster kids or kids who just need help and are having a rough life…and help…see that everything will be ok in the end and to not give up.”

Andam’s work serves as a reminder that students can find joy in what can often seem to be a  difficult holiday and inspire students to serve others. Camilla Andam wasn’t expecting the influential impact of her small gesture. She has left a legacy of unity to Copper Hills, and has sparked change in her peers, and future students as well.