Copper Hills Sending Off Stellar Athletes

Hailee Lamoreaux, Sports Editor

The media center was beginning to fill as parents and students filed in, finding a seat. The student-athletes getting signed sat across the room at a table, all eagerly smiling and waiting for the event to begin. This familiar high school ritual takes place every spring.

Athletes sign letters of intent to play for college programs as their coaches beam with pride. Aleyah Hansen, Junior, states “They’ve chosen to maximize their high school opportunities and move forward with college.”  Photographs of them holding up their letters were splashed across social media. Other high school seniors wave college acceptance letters as their names are announced at school assemblies. The signing started off with Copper Hills’ assistant principal, Varga, introducing the ceremony and having each individual standing up to announce their name and where they are going to college.

During the event, families and team members watched as students signed letters of intent. Principal Veazie and Assistant Principal Varga congratulated students with a few handshakes, smiles and a memorable speech by Veazie. In short, Veazie discussed how proud he is of each student athlete and how far they have come and will continue to do so through the years. “..I truly believe the greatest minds of our time walk through the halls of Copper Hills…,” said Principal Veazie. The signing ended with a loud roar of applause, and each athlete had large smiles across their faces. As these athletes grow and move away, one thing will always remain in them. Being a grizzly. Once a grizzly, always a grizzly.

Here is a list of the student athletes that signed:

  • Kaylee Ortega– USUE (Softball)
  • Kylee Ortega– USUE (Softball)
  • Kaylee Butterworth– Idaho State (Softball)
  • Alaina Montanez– SLCC (Softball)
  • Hailee Lamoreaux–CSI (Softball)
  • Hannah Lamoreaux– TVCC (Softball)
  • Breanna Gillen– Dixie State (Basketball)
  • Chase Taylor- BYU (Baseball)
  • Carson LaDue– TVCC (Baseball)
  • Jackson Laird– LCC (Baseball)