Done With Sports


Lainee Miller

Copper Hills softball 2017 team. (Kaci Bobo#16)

Lainee Miller, Staff Writer

Many athletes at Copper Hills get the opportunity to begin a college career for sports, but not all choose that path. With college being a hard, yet a rewarding time in life many find reasons for taking another direction. One of these alumni is Softball All State player, Kaci Bobo.

Starting at the age of four, she began to develop her love for softball. “It was my pride and joy to play, I felt like I could be myself on the field,” she said. Going on to play for years in Accelerated (a competitive form of softball), Kaci Bobo ended her athletic career in high school.

She started her final season just like any other. “I only focused on my surroundings and how I was performing, never what the outcome would be, [until] after,” Bobo stated. Many people start to overthink their last season and can start to perform poorly. Bobo took another take on her senior year; working hard one game at a time.

The season ended at the 6A state tournament. Bobo said, “My final game was honestly unreal. It felt just like another game in a sense, it didn’t hit me till at least a week later.” She got many scholarship offers from schools for softball and basketball, yet Bobo decided to work towards her career. “Now not playing my life is so crazy with work and college I don’t necessarily think a whole lot about being on the field. I miss it of course, but to be honest I don’t think I made a mistake, or anything like that, choosing not to play,” said Bobo.  

Many seniors worry about not playing again and begin to go into a slump. Knowing that it is okay to not play in college could help many people end senior year with a bang.                                                                                        

Growing up, many people have sports engaged in their everyday life from practices to games. Many people see ending their sports in high school is like “the end of the world.” They fear not having something to do every day and that they will become bored. Finding new and different hobbies can help people get through not having anything to do.