How to Get Out of the Friend Zone


Lainee Miller

There’s hope for the friend-zoned.

Alan Pasalagua, Staff Writer

Telling someone you have feelings for them is a hard thing to do. It’s a problem people face all around the world. But why is this important now?

Well it’s because Valentine’s day is just around the corner. A day about love and lovers. A day full of flowers, hearts, and lonely people. Sadly there are people who have to deal with the fact that they are going to have to celebrate the holiday alone, or “Friend Zoned.” Luckily there are a couple people who are willing to give advice on how to get out of the ‘friend zone’ just before Valentine’s day arrives.

Sophomore Zakary Brown says, “Find something you have in common, and focus on that stuff.” In a friendship, there is usually always something friends have in common. If you’re not sure what that is exactly, the simple answer would be to communicate. This will help your friend understand you a little better.

This relates to what Sophomore Courtney Ngo says, “Express your feelings because they probably won’t even know how you feel.” Which makes sense, to get out of the friend zone situation, a person would want their friend to know how they feel.

Sometimes telling someone your feelings might be a hard thing to do. A main problem most people face while trying to confess their feelings is fear. Fear is normal for anyone trying to ask someone out, but if it’s a best friend, then you might have a greater chance of getting them to accept.

Ultimately, “If you want to get out of the friend zone, you have to take risks for this person, almost like getting out of your comfort zone,” states Gabby Ferrar. She also says, “You have to be willing to take a risk on breaking that friendship and going to the next level.”

If you fear losing the bond between you and your friend, just know they are your friend for a reason. It will be hard to get out of your comfort zone to tell a friend you like them. But, in the end you could have a new relationship, or the same friendship, and hopefully you can find content in either one.