Friend Zone or Just Befriended?


Zoraya Meneses

The “friend zone” is for saps who pity themselves for not being liked back.

Jessica McMann, News Editor

Everyday, someone falls victim to the godforsaken friend zone… or do they? Instead, perhaps people simply don’t have feelings for one another. The toxic narrative that you should only be nice to people who you want to date needs to end.

People are not entitled to get love, but the so-called “friend zone” seems to show that they think they are. The idea that people are only wanted when romance is involved is at the very least, offensive. The idea of “escaping” the friend zone, even more so.

When someone shows that they aren’t interested, continuing to pursue them can cause lots of discomfort. This can pressure the other person into trying to feel things that they don’t feel, or it can cause them to lose a friend. Developing a relationship from a friendship is fine and can work out great, but you shouldn’t enter the friendship with that intent.

If you emotionally clicked with a someone enough to pursue them romantically, being friends should be a suitable exchange. You still get time and companionship from this person. There’s no obligation for them to even continue as friends, so their choice to do that should be something not taken for granted.

The idea of the friend zone pushes a predatory narrative that people are only wanted for their bodies or relationships. It enforces the idea that the genders should be separated, and that friendships between them are impossible. That these friendships always hide ulterior motives. What’s easier than escaping the friend zone is just accepting the friendship or not, and moving on. You are not required to befriend these people, but you are required to treat them as people, and not objects.

I, personally, was so called “friend zoned” by a girl I was interested in. The difference is, I accepted her friendship with happiness, as I’d prefer her in my life rather than out of it. She’s now one of my closest friends and I have a very good relationship with her. I was able to push past my feelings, and instead embrace something of equal value to a relationship, a friendship.