Show Your Spirit, Grizzlies!

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Show Your Spirit, Grizzlies!

Hailee Lamoreaux, Sports Editor

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Hey Copper Hills, spirit week is almost here! A lot of kids or parents may be asking, what exactly is spirit week? Well, the purpose of spirit week is to get our students united, excited, and supportive of the school by participating in our week of fun. “I think it’s a good way to get everyone in our school involved and look forward to something exciting,” Cienna Burnside, Sophomore. The week consists mainly of dressing up according to the theme of each day then at the end of the week a “Copper Hills Olympic Games” is held where each class competes against one another by doing activities such as tug-of-war, wheelbarrow racing, etc. Here is the theme for the week,

Monday: Pajama day

Tuesday: Throwback

Wednesday: Sports day

Thursday: School colors (Seniors: White, Juniors: Green, Sophomores: Blue)

Spirit week at Copper Hills High School will be held throughout the week. In order to join in on all the excitement here are two easy steps in order to survive spirit week. This week should first be noted as a very serious event. Sophomores often underestimate the intensity of competitiveness that occurs during this week. The points earned for each activity accumulate by the end of the week, and the feeling of coming in first place as a grade level creates such a rush of adrenaline. Step one, in short, don’t be afraid to go all out on your Spirit Week outfits. Step two, school spirit is key to making your grade and friends more united. If making it through the competitiveness and high energy of Spirit Week seems like a breeze, then chances are it won’t tear you down.

Of course, not all traditions and secrets of Spirit Week can be uncovered in one article. Part of becoming a true Grizzly student is experiencing it, all of its highs and lows. ”Spirit week is the one time of year me and my friends can plan an outfit together, while having so much fun!” said Alyxx Estrada, Junior. Upperclassmen may have already exposed senior class secrets or tricks to the sophomore class, but every year, new surprises always arise. Spirit Week shouldn’t just be a week of survival for everyone, but also a week less stress and school spirit because the week is mainly focused on fun and friends. So, strap in for this week because you’re in for a roller coaster of events.