Empowering Young Debaters: Marie Clegg Debate Tournament

Daniella Rivera, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Copper Hills High School two-time state championship Speech and Debate team, has been competing at tournaments hosted by high schools in and out of the state, preparing themselves in hopes for another state title.  

This last weekend the Debate Team proudly stepped foot onto the UVU campus to compete at the Marie Clegg Debate Tournament.  Marie Clegg was one of the first women to compete on a Men’s Varsity debate team in college, and inspired young ladies to join nationwide.  In honor of Marie Clegg, the tournament was centered around empowering young women in the Debate world, and informing them that they can be successful in debate, which had previously only been competed in by men.   

Not only empowering young women, the tournament had an aspect of empowering all debaters of any gender and any skill.  The tournament showed that anyone could be victorious with what they decided to accomplish in the academic sport.

With such high expectations to meet at the tournament, Copper Hills prepped in their events with anticipation of doing well at such a high ranked tournament.  Speeches being given filled the auditorium, where high schools were welcome to settle.

Many of Copper Hills’ debaters placed in their individual events and showcased to their high school Debate Team competitors that they are going to leave an even bigger mark at the region and state tournaments.  

On their way home, Copper Hills was given their regular motivation speech on how they performed and what to step up for later tournaments, especially on how they need to prepare with region only a couple of weeks away.  

Anticipating the day they hope to take home another region and state title is only around the corner. It can easily be stated that the Copper Hills Speech and Debate team are ready to fight, in other words, argue and speak on why they deserve another win to their trophy case.  

Let’s give a quick recognition to those who competed, broke, and placed at the Marie Clegg Tournament:

Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking:

Brooklyn Zorn

Liliana Lovato

Nathan Tanner- 7th place

Impromptu Speaking:

Daud Mumin- 1st place

Daniella Rivera- 7th place

Sariah Purser- 6th place

National Extemporaneous Speaking:

Britney Morton

Original Oratory:

Alex Mappin

Daud Mumin- 1st place

Janilynn Valdez- 7th place

Savanna Calveri

Policy Debate:

Sandra Guzman and Moccah Crabtree

Public Forum Debate:

Angelina Oliveros and Olivia Baron

Student Congress:

Adrian Hernandez

Alyssa Beckstead- 1st place

Bruce Mortensen

Matthew Cuthbert- 6th place

Seth Nielsen- 8th place