Concurrent Enrollment Art Extravaganza

Bailey Van Wagoner, Business Manager, Managing Editor, Web Editor

To celebrate the many hours of students’ hard work in Art 1010, Copper Hills put on The Concurrent Enrollment Extravaganza from January 11th to the 17th.

As a part of Copper Hills’ Art 1010 course, each student is required to complete a “Semester Long Project”. This consists of an art piece, in any medium of their choice, which must take 20 or more hours to complete. Due to the freedom of the assignment, students presented a wide variety of projects. There was an interactive tarot card reading, a wooden sculpture with plastic grocery bags, and even an video game featuring an animated cat.

Students had the pleasure of viewing these artworks in the art hallway display case, the media center, and the Grizzly Den throughout this week. Parents, on the other hand, had to wait until the open house on Thursday the 17th. On this night, the exhibits were open to the public to view the art and read each artist’s statement on their work. To enhance each visitor’s experience, Copper Hills’ Pro Start culinary class catered the event with both savory and sweet appetizers.

Once parents and other visitors had the opportunity to view students’ work and taste Pro Start’s creations, Amanda Campos, the Art 1010 teacher, took a moment to address the crowd. She thanked everyone not only for attending the event but also for supporting her students in their work throughout the semester. Campos then asked for a round of applause for Pro Start’s students and their teacher, Kyley Brooks. After a short and sweet speech, Campos announced the four Extravaganza student winners picked by staff and administration earlier that week. The awards were as follows:


Principles Choice for Contemporary Art

Kalena Vea

Principles Choice for Traditional Art

Enfany Ngo

Librarian’s Choice

Allyson Bates

Concurrent Enrollment Award

Brooke Sevy

Now that the show is over, a few of the pieces will be moving onto other art festivals. The largest of which is the 46th Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show at the Springville Museum of Art. Here, the art will be judged for awards and scholarships. The pieces which Campos selected for this and other competitions will live on long after this Concurrent Enrollment Extravaganza.