A Look Into the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Teyanna Kaibetoney, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Art allows people to experience new cultures and provides a different perspective on life. Artists want to spread a message in a creative way and art does that. While visiting the Utah Museum of Fine Arts that is exactly what you see. The museum consists of many art pieces including Egyptian sarcophagus, sculptures, videos, and paintings all from different cultures and time periods.

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) is an art museum located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The museum is located on the University of Utah campus and costs $12.95, except on the first Wednesday and third Saturday of the month. On these days there is free admission. The following rules are to keep the gallery clean and to preserve the art. Rules stated by the UMFA are, “Please walk and use respectful voices in the galleries. Look but don’t touch, oil from your fingers can damage the artwork. No food, drink, or gum is permitted in the galleries. Pencils only (no pens). Leave backpacks, large bags, and umbrellas at the front desk. Groups are encouraged to leave large bags at home, school, or on the bus.” Expect to spend about an hour at the museum as they have an extensive amount of art so there is something for everyone.

One art piece that provides a new perspective is done by Sandy Brunvand titled, Divisive Landscapes. This piece is a mural made out of drawing ink and typed text on fiber papers. The piece covers a wall inside the museum and is eye-catching with the lack of bright colors and it’s isolation from other art pieces. The words on the pages aren’t noticeable at first, but with a closer look you see phrases on the small papers. These papers say things like, “U.S missiles hit Syrian Air Base.” or “That land is sacred.” or “Tribal leaders vow to take Trump to court if he rescinds Bears Ears.” The words on the pages are taken from articles printed by The Salt Lake Tribune and other newspapers. Brunvand started this art piece after the 2016 presidential elections and continued to add more to it during 2018. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts has a vast collection of art that evokes deep thinking, a new perspective, and an introduction to new cultures.