Craving Hot Cocoa and Donuts This Winter

Jessica McMann, News Editor

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Craving Hot Cocoa and Donuts This Winter? Try Big O.

Big O Donuts is a small vegan donut shop with a big personality. Located on Harvey Milk Boulevard and 248 West, the shop is perfect for a trip into the city. The area around Big O Donuts is full of cozy coffee shops and walls filled with art. It is also very short walking distance from the trax station.

The interior of the building is a perfect contrast to the cold streets outside, with cozy chairs and a vintage environment. They’ll serve you donuts on beautifully printed plates, and hot cocoa in endearing mugs.

The staff is exceptionally friendly, offering fun conversation and discussion of donuts and anything else you might desire. Their donuts taste like the real deal, while also being a healthier vegan option. This is a great change, with new options coming out for people with every diet. Utah’s environment becomes more friendly and welcoming by the day.

Now is the perfect time to go into Big O Donuts since they’ve introduced their January menu. The drink of the month is peppermint hot chocolate, and their specialty donuts are apple fritters, maple bars, blueberry jam filled, and Boston cream.

My personal favorite donuts they’ll have this month are orange cardamom, lemon lavender, and triple berry. The orange cardamom and lemon lavender both have a citrus flavor combined with an aromatic flowery hint. The triple berry tastes like candy, being very sweet, but also tastes very natural and real.

Make sure to check out the restaurant to get the best vegan donuts in town.