Summer Jobs: Tips for Teens

Jessica McMann, News Editor

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The winter season is coming to an end, and the job world is beginning to speed up. Now is the perfect time to apply. Here are the top five tips and tricks to help you get into the business world.

  • After you submit your application, call the place a few days later. This shows that you are serious about the job and actually want to work there. You want to look like you are motivated, and will work hard in the job if you’re willing to work hard out of it.
  • Talk to friends with jobs. Using this trick can be helpful in getting an interview if the place hasn’t done anything with your application. When you have a friend with a job you’re interested in, that develops a connection to the job and offers you a way in. You can have your friend vouch for your character, and they might get a bonus as well for bringing in employees.
  • Keep your expectations low. Most jobs that hire out of high school are going to be entry level. You are not going to get your dream job as your first job. The important part is with this job comes experience that will lead to that perfect career.
  • Learn what the job requires. Research on sites like Glassdoor to see what other employees have said about the job. By doing this you show that you are educated on your tasks, and it will help when you actually begin your job.
  • Make sure to look for jobs with flexible scheduling and a nice staff. Considering you’re in high school, your employer should be very flexible with your hours, allowing you to make room for school activities and homework. Not all businesses are flexible with scheduling. It’s recommended that if you have an extremely busy schedule to work at places with a lot of employees. This way, you can always get your shift covered. Examples of these can be most fast food restaurants and large retail stores.