Frozen Custard for a Freezing Day

Daniella Rivera, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Located in South Jordan, near The District, Nielsen’s Frozen Custard is a delight to most everyone’s ice cream preference, yet is constantly overlooked.  With over fifteen flavors to choose from and just as many choices to mix into the custard, it makes it easier for customers to say yes to eating ice cream, even on a colder day.

The word ‘custard’ gives off the wrong connotation and seems to stray customers from buying their ice cream.  Many choose other ice cream shops because they name their ice creams ‘creamy cookies & cream’ while Nielson’s just sticks with custard.  But, before making this assumption it is better for you to try the custard for yourself.

Each flavor is creamy but doesn’t taste too rich which makes the custard sold at Nielsen’s the perfect pick. Many don’t want to blow their paycheck over a couple scoops of ice cream, and they don’t have to when getting a scoop or two at Nielsen’s. Customers can get multiple scoops full of a flavor(s) of their choice for only around five dollars.

Ranked as one of the top ice cream sellers on the west side of Utah, they not only sell cold delight in a cup, but they also sell politeness to their customers as well.  Each of Nielsen’s staff is ready to help with a smile. With genuine mindfulness, the employees make sure that their guests are enjoying their custard. They are willing to have them try another flavor if they weren’t too much of a fan of the one they first picked. When inside the shop many feel welcomed, leaving them with the notion to come back for another treat.

Ice cream is a huge seller, even on winter days.  There are many places that sell worthy ice cream for the amount you’re spending, but have you tried Nielsen’s yet?