Peace on Earth: A Kurt Bestor Christmas

Lainee Miller, Staff Writer

Kurt Bestor has been coming to Utah to perform for the past 31 years with his magical piano skills. This year’s concert was special because of the title, “Peace on Earth”. He hardly titles his shows because it’s always known as “A Kurt Bestor Christmas,” but this year he felt with all the conflict it would help people feel the Christmas spirit.

Bestor was born in 1958 in Waukesha, Wisconsin into a musical family and started piano lessons at a young age. At the age of eight, he moved to Orem, Utah and started to follow in his father’s musical footsteps by learning the trumpet. With many hours of hard work and practice, he created many Christmas Albums, earned Emmy awards, and received Grammy nominees.

On December 14, Kurt Bestor came to Eccles theater. Bestor played favorites from “Deck the Halls” to other cultural favorites from around the world.

The piano was on center stage with many people and instruments surrounding him. The background looked like a whimsical, snowy forest that brought the feeling of peace and serenity. The very talented Madilyn Paige gave the concert a magical touch. She sang “Mary, Did You Know” with a new spin, thanks to Bestor. After beautiful numbers, the show was sadly over, but the audience left the building with Christmas cheer in their hearts.

This annual concert is a very big tradition for many people and has been for many years now. Utahns can’t wait for his show next Christmas at Eccles theater.