Paws 4 a Cause Comes to a Close

Lainee Miller, Staff Writer

From change collecting to dream making, Paws for a Cause has helped dozens of people in the Copper Hills community.

As December began, the SBOs of Copper Hills started to collect money to reach a goal of $35,000. To help make this dream a reality they did “odd jobs” in Copper Hills neighborhoods, collected money from students, and hosted different restaurant nights. Throughout the month of December, they had Zupas night, Chick Fil A night, Fiiz days, and many more. The money made during a certain time would all go towards Paws for a Cause and help reach the goal.

The impact of the fundraiser has helped so many people throughout the community, and one of them is 6-year-old Tristen. He had a liver transplant and all he wanted was to take his family to Disney World and the Titanic museum. With a $10,000 check from Copper Hills and Make A Wish foundation he will be heading to Florida to make his dream come true. Not only did Copper Hills make help Tristen, but the Grizzlies also brought Christmas to 82 kids and 12 families in the community by buying them coats, presents, and other holiday necessities.

The Grizzlies reached their goal of $35,000 plus $10,000, and it will help people not only during the season of giving but throughout the whole year. With the effort and hard work of Copper Hills, it can help make many dreams come true.