Hope Squad: Here to Help

Jill Stevens, Staff Writer

Hope Squad is a wonderful team of people who help people with their struggles, whether it be considering taking their own life or just having a really hard time. If a student at Copper Hills is ever struggling with something, they shouldn’t be afraid to talk to a Hope Squad member. They are here to help in any way they can and can give the hope someone might need. They can help in many ways, from just talking to someone about their problems to referring them to a counselor who can help them with harder issues. Members of Hope Squad include guys and girls from every grade. They occasionally wear Hope Squad t-shirts (for identification purposes) or the counseling center has a list of everyone who is ready to help.

Just last week Hope Squad did something called “Candy and a Compliment”. They gave out mini candy canes with inspiring quotes and complimented the people they gave them to. “I liked that I got snack out of it, and some happiness,” says Sophomore Gabby Ferrer. On Thursday, December 13th, Hope Squad spread a lot of joy to some people who may have really needed it. You could just feel the difference in people’s emotions that day. Whether some found joy in the candy cane or in the compliment, it still helped many people that day to be in a better mood.