Magical Voices

Jill Stevens, Staff Writer

After months of practice, the choirs’ Christmas Concert was well worth the wait. On Thursday, December 13th, all the choirs got together and presented their Christmas Concert called “Gloria”, accompanied by the school’s orchestra. The concert was free but there was an option to donate money for Paws for a Cause. Ladies Choir started off strong by singing “Cradle Hymn”. After the Ladies Choir finished singing “All I Want for Christmas is You”, Mixed Choir took the stage. After they sang their two songs, “Deck the Hall with Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms!” and “Swingin’ St. Nick”. the Madrigals performed four songs. Their last song, “We Wish You the Merriest”, had two solos in the song. The first one was performed by Ruth Shelton, and the second was performed by Chantel Goodwin. After the Madrigals left the stage, Men’s Choir came on and sung two wonderful songs. Concert Choir took the stage last (before Intermission) and sang two songs as well.

This particular choir concert wasn’t just any average choir concert. They had prepared, practiced, and then, following intermission, performed “Gloria”, a 30-minute song with 13 sections to it. All the choirs took turns performing the sections. After “Gloria” was finished, as per tradition, they had all the choirs and alumni come on stage and perform “Carol of the Bells” as the last piece. All in all, the performance was beautiful and peaceful. Mr. Taylor, even after having stage 4 colon cancer and having surgery, he worked so hard getting the choirs ready and all of their hard work paid off. Their next concert will be March 13, when, after three more months of practice, they’ll sound amazing.