Dancing into the Past

Rachael Schafer, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As time passes, the styles and traditions of music and style change and are often forgotten or overlooked. This year the dance department made the decision to put on their concert, “Rewind”, rewinding the years with music and dance. The concert was performed on December 7th, 8th, and 10th. The night covered 23 songs that were vastly different. With each dance, a new story was told of different years and eras.  The brightly colored costumes filled the stage as students danced and showed how dance styles have changed. The songs varied from the beloved movie “Up” to artists such as “Green Day” and “Nickelback”.

The night started with the Dance Company performing a dance called, “My Gift”. The message of the dance was that now in 2018 and in past years, people are obsessed with body image. The dance began with words overlapping the music. Some of the words were, “Our bodies deserve to be more than war-torn…” These words eventually faded off leaving the music and the dancers. The entire night followed similar in fashion, bringing other social issues to light.

One student in attendance at the concert said that this concert was a “tribute to the past.” Not only were the dances a tribute to old songs and styles, but it was a tribute to past concerts. Listed underneath many of the song titles there was a year and the name of a previous concert. The performed dances went back as far as 1997, with a dance called, “Movement Collage.”

Dedication is something that is not lacking in the Dance program. Among students, teachers, directors, and technicians countless hours are put into each concert. It is the least the Copper Hills population can do to attend these concerts to support the fellow grizzlies.

The night was filled with bursts of color and different eye-catching costumes. However, it was the purpose of the dancers that truly brought the concert to the next level. The dancers went beyond dance by becoming the music and the message of the night. The message was real, and applicable to everyone who was in attendance of the concert. To all those who haven’t attended dance concerts, such as this one, they are missing out.