Jolly Jingles at Copper Hills High School

Jill Stevens, Staff Writer

Raise your Grizzly paw if you’re ready to start donating! It’s time to start raising money for Paws for a Cause. Paws for a Cause started during the second year of Copper Hills’ existence as a way to raise money, and its primary purpose is to help benefit the people in the community.

This year’s Paws for a Cause theme is “Jolly Jingles.” Decorations will all have to do with holiday songs, students should see some diversity in song choice for a reason. Scott Adamson, Social Studies Teacher and Student Government Advisor is overseeing Paws for a Cause and likes what the theme and decorations will be this year. “…We are not just celebrating/decorating for the Christmas holiday, but all the holidays that are at this time of year.”

The goal this year is to raise $35,000. The funds will be used in a variety of ways. Members of each participating club may have the  opportunity to go shopping for a number of items, after which Student Government will do most of the deliveries for those in our community who have a need. They will shop for kids, ages 0-18 years old who are less fortunate and cannot afford winter necessities, like coats and shoes. Money will also be used to support those with hardships and/or affected by tragedies such as a house fire, hospital bills, or funeral expenses. Before anything is donated though, it will go through an approval process that includes the Student Government and administration.

Even though Student Government is in charge of the fundraiser, the student body is also very involved. A popular fundraiser is the delivery of the Costco muffins. Mr. Crane, also known as “the muffin man,” and his Skills USA students, go class to class each day during the fundraising month to sell delicious muffins for a dollar a piece. Other clubs participate by selling food and other treats at lunches. Some clubs get very creative in the way they raise money. Just this year, theater did an escape room at the Halloween dance to help raise some money for Paws for a Cause, and the band will be bringing in puppies and small dogs that you can pay money to play with during lunch.

Student Government, with the help of clubs, will also do “odd jobs” by going out into our neighborhoods and asking people if they can do service for a donation.

Student body officers will also carry around buckets and collect donations of loose change during the whole fundraising period by going class to class, attending school games, bombarding the parking lot for change in peoples’ cars, etc.

There are many events to get excited about during the holiday season at Copper Hills. For Mr.  Adamson, “It is fun to watch the decorating going up, the students reactions, and the excitement of the commons during the month, but for me personally, I truly feel great when we deliver clothes and other things to those in need and receive their gratitude, which often comes through tears.” Paws for a Cause this is a wonderful event that blesses the lives of many people.