The Kick is Revealed

Daniella Rivera, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As the Guardians of another Galaxy, Copper Hills High School Drill Team reveals their Kick Routine character at their showcase on December 5th.

Rushing to find the best seat to watch the Azurettes perform, students and parents scrambled into the bleachers of the big gym. When the Drill team walked into the gym to present their Military routine, cheers filled the room as they started their dance. With never before seen stunts, the Drill team showcased their fearsome facial expressions, and the crowd went crazy.

Later the team performed their Dance routine, wearing pink costumes with diamond berets, the Azurettes hit every turn sequence with precision and sharpness. The drill team hit their traditional back-handspring roll down and the students applauded and cheered. Two of the three routines had been showcased, but the students waited in anticipation to see what the Kick Routine Character would be for this Drill season.

Walking onto the floor, the Azurettes wore skin tight costumes with crafted branches and leaves as their headpieces.  Still unsure of what the Azurettes costumes portrayed their Kick would be, fans whispered to each other throwing out their ideas of what the character was.  Fans were quickly given an answer to their ideas, when the music started and the dancers began their routine. This coming season, Copper Hills High School Drill Teams’ Azurettes are ‘Groot’ from Guardians of the Galaxy. With their take on Groot, the Drill team performed with smiles, amazing kick technique, and powerful energy. With such awe-inspiring dancers on the team, it is hoped that the Azurettes will get their 6th State Championship when coming back from state this season.