Copper Hills vs Timpangos: A Race Against Time

Daniella Rivera, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Playing the Timberwolves of Timpanogos, the Copper Hills Boys’ Basketball Varsity Team barely won, in a race against time and a double overtime on November 30th.

The Grizzlies starting lineups went into the game strong, but even then, our score was still lower than Timpanogos due to their impressive 3-point shots. Though a little behind, our players pushed through, to where it was unknown to the students of which team would pull through when the buzzer went off.  With such a head to head play, and only 23 seconds left on the clock of 4th quarter, the score read 72 for the Grizzlies and 74 for the Timberwolves. The Copper Hills Student Section raved for just one more point. When they made the shot, it was to most everyone’s surprise that Copper Hills would be going into overtime.

With four minutes on the clock to get ahead, the play went fast and students were moving their heads fast across the court as each team got the ball. With about a minute left of overtime, the score read 83 for Grizzlies and 83 for the Timberwolves. Timpanogos had the ball, and it seemed it was going to be a sad loss. Timpanogos began to wait the ball, where there was no dribbling over movement on the court, to run out time just so they could have the last shot. A seven-second countdown was left on the clock, and number one on the Timpanogos team passed it to their number three. With Junior, Stone Hutchings (number three for Copper Hills), getting ready to swat the ball, number three on the opposing team went for 3-pointer with two seconds left on the clock, and barely missed. Cheers of relief spread through the crowd.

Onto double overtime, both teams were unsure of who would win. Three minutes flew by, and the score read 94 for the Grizzlies and 91 for the Timberwolves. With one minute left, Timpanogos had the ball. Player Number 1 on Timpanogos had the ball, and was known across the court and crowd for his amazing 3-pointers. Less than twenty seconds were left on the clock. It proved to be too much pressure for number 1, because his three-point shot hit the backboard and missed the hoop. Students screamed as the buzzer went off and Copper Hills won. As one of the first games of the season, such a close game was unexpected.