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World Series Predictions After the Fact

Hailee Lamoreaux, Sports Editor

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The World Series is an annual championship series for Major League Baseball, consisting of two of the top teams and seven games.  One team must win at least four out of the seven to claim the title. The World Series is one of the biggest events to occur in the athletic world. Though the series has come and gone, we took a question to the halls of Copper Hills. ‘Who do you predict will take the World Series this year and why?’ These were the predictions.

Brady Mantle, Teacher

“I think the Astros. Their pitching is excellent, probably one of the best. Astros have 3 superstar pitchers. Their offense has also been strong.”

Jericho Poarch, Sophomore

“I think the Brewers. It’s a long shot, but anything can happen in the playoffs. Hopefully their reputation will motivate and drive them to want to perform better. They’ve had a reputation of never being good, but recently they swept the Rockies in the National League, so it would be pretty cool to see them pull through.

Cienna Burnside, Sophomore

“Dodgers for sure. I think we have a pretty good shot at it this year because the team is doing better and they are all hard working and have the drive to win. They finally have pulled their heads out of their butss and got it together.”

Alyxx Estrada, Junior

“Dodgers will win this year. They’ve had a good history of starting pitchers. They also have a powerful offense, they’ve got Turner, Puig, Machado, overall there are more power hitters throughout the team then there are spots in the lineup. We also have to consider that they had a division title and easily cruised through playoffs last year. It’s also been 30 years, they have to win sometime and get off the list of longest World Series title drought, so why not now?”

Mason Olson, Junior

“Dodgers will win 100%. Their toughness and resilience is what will make it hard to beat them. Their depth is just hard to beat in a series of 7.”

Daniela Barboza, Senior

“I want the Indians to make it, but then it’s like I am unsure because I’ve been watching the Yankees my whole life and want my team to make it, but after their performance lately I’m not sure they’ll make it far. Indians have always fought hard and done good this year, they’re a young team so it will be exciting to see what they can do.” Daniela Barboza, Senior

Hannah Lamoreaux, Senior

My Sox will take it this year. They have Sale pitching, who is an elite ace and not to mention Kimbrel is a machine striking out batters like its a routine. The Red Sox also have an amazing grit in the late innings, which is a much needed skill to stay tough and fight through. They have it in the bag this year.”

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World Series Predictions After the Fact