Why is High Fashion so Strange?

Jessica McMann, News Editor

Gucci ski masks are being developed in hopes that the rich can start… robbing banks apparently?  Supreme has successfully sold bricks with their logo, and it’s proving to be difficult to predict what other trends will pick up in fashion.

Gucci in 2003 followed much of the pattern of Chanel, clean lines, office chic, traditional clothes. Just fifteen years later they now sell bizarre outfits such as full diamond jumpsuits and pop culture references slapped onto sweaters. It leads to the question, why is high fashion so strange?

We’re at a point in technological development where trends move within weeks. We immediately know what’s “in” and what’s the “new ugly.” With the cycling of trends, the resurfacing of the 80’s has brought an embrace of bright colors. People lust after the idea of standing out, and the parade of vibrant and bold fashion makes that ever more difficult. Brands have to evolve to keep up with the excitement of the new fashion industry.

Fast moving trends force creativity amongst fashion designers, to stand apart from the trends and make a piece that starts one rather than rides the wave. This has made the fashion industry into a true art form. A runway is the newest art show, with women who walk wearing things they never expect to be bought.

The blast of pop culture has made it possible for the fashion industry to spend time creating fantastical pieces, with no thought of making it applicable to daily life. In previous years, the rich owned the fashion industry, but now it seems that teen culture is the one cultivating and growing it.

Brand popularization was also a major factor in the artistry of fashion. Things labeled with “Gucci,” no matter how ugly, sold. There’s an elitism in owning items that are clearly expensive. That elitism even caused crazes such as flexing, where people show off that they have money, and definitely enough to spend it on Balenciaga’s newest ugly sweater. Having money to spend on something ugly almost expresses a peak wealth. All of this contributed towards the aesthetic of ugliness. We can find beauty in hideous things, and in the abstract. Abstract art and ugly fashion go hand in hand, and both open a creative hole for creative people.

This switch has made you the biggest influence of fashion. Clothing sold now is what you want to wear. You can start whatever style you want, so start it. Influence the next generation of fabric.