Music in the Making


Tina Rivera

The Copper Hills Band marches in West Jordan.

Daniella Rivera, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Our music department works on songs year round but rarely get credit when it is due.  Multiple concerts have already happened and our musicians continue to improve their pieces.  

With such a big picture to portray, the marching band is working in individual sections to create something more technologically advanced than the music department has typically seen.

“Our show this year is called Virtuality,” says Senior, Kayden Macey from band council. They have three different movements that convey technology in different ways. The first movement is CPU where they will represent robots and the manufacturing of a computer. Utopia is the second movement where they represent the idea of dancing in a computer. And the last movement is Virus Attack where they start to shut and break down. Having performed this piece multiple times, the marching band is working to polish it even more.

More than symphonic legends, our orchestra has been working on their concert performance pieces.  They’ve mastered pieces “Dance with the Tumblers,” and “Into the West” earlier in October, according to seniors Sariah Purser and Chloe Bliss. With the upcoming Christmas concert, the orchestra is working fast pace to get their songs sounding elegant but festive, tightly tuning the strings of their instruments to get the sweetest sound so. With nonstop work, you would think they get tired of looking at music sheets, but it is only motivation to master the music.  

The vocalists of our school use their music to bring unity across our school.  “Our theme is ‘Made in America’, and our songs include: ‘Walking in the Green Grass’, ‘The Kiss’, ‘Pure Imagination’, and ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing’,” says Junior Madrigal Liza Hakanson, regarding their fall concert. Right now our choirs are preparing for their well-attended Christmas Concert. They put hard work in their practices to reach their highest potential when their competitions arrive.

Our music department can go unnoticed when they put in some of the biggest efforts in our school. Show love for the musically tuned students at their winter concerts. The band will perform December 17th at 7pm, while the choir will perform December 13th at 7 pm in the auditorium. Our orchestra will also perform December 12th at 7 pm at West Jordan High School. The performing arts groups play at school games, musicals and assemblies; they deserve a student audience with open eyes and ears to come to their concerts.