Copper Hills’ Band Presents: Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

Hannah Whiting, Staff Writer

The talented grizzlies of Copper Hills High presented us with the fall band concert  on October 10, 2018. The show was conducted by John A. Matthews, the director of the band. Matthews took the theme back to his home, Western Texas. With the name of the show being  “Where The Deer and The Antelope Play” his roots shone brightly at the show. The band’s ensemble’s definitely had south western vibes to them.

After the show, when Matthews was brought the question, “How do you think tonight’s performance went?” He quickly responded, “I thought it went really well, I was really proud of everyone, I’m proud of the things we’ve accomplished and got done. Of course there are little things here and there, but I thought it was really good.” With a good performance comes preparation. The growl was curious to know, “What preparation did you and the students do leading up to this concert?” Matthews followed with “After we did our little chair placement audition, I started hand selecting the music that I know would fit best with each ensemble to their abilities. I pushed the envelope with some groups to try to challenge them to do better, then we just rehearsed in class.” Pushing the envelope was definitely worth it, and the student’s music was so delightful to listen to.

So what can we expect from out fellow grizzlies in band? When we asked Matthews “what are the hopes for the future of this band? The director said, “I hope for this band program to continue to grow and be strong, and to be a staple in the state of Utah. When people hear the name Copper Hills Band I want them to say “Oh yeah that really good band, that really really good band over there in West Jordan. That’s my goal.” We can be sure to look forward to the sweet sounds of CHHS band this school year.