2018 SUU Shakespeare Festival

Courtney Morton, Social Media Manager

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool” (As you Like it). Jordan Morrell, a Copper Hills theater teacher, chose this quote for the 2018 Shakespeare Festival’s sweater.

This year Copper Hills did well at Shakespeare Festival that took place at Southern Utah University. Students were full of excitement as they put together their own pieces. Those on the bus could feel all the nervous and exciting energy coming from the students and even the teachers. Each student was ready to compete.

During Tech Olympics, students were fast with rigging (knots), sound, light, hair and makeup, carpentry, stage management, costumes, and props. Even with  penalties students received, Copper Hills’s techs did very well and had good times.

Not only did the techs do well, Copper Hills’s actors did extremely well. The ensemble piece, which was a collection of  scenes from As You Like It, was very well put together. The judges gave great feedback and enjoyed watching the scene that was full of comedy. The ensemble piece wasn’t the only piece actors used to compete. Some students brought their own pieces to show how hard they worked on their own Shakespeare monologue or scene.

To keep the actors and techies relaxed, CHHS students watched two plays: Richard III, performed by SUU, and The Liar, performed by actors in the Shakespeare Festival. Many students didn’t understand Richard III. Either no one could hear the actors, or they just didn’t understand the Shakespearian language. The Liar was a different story. Students seemed to enjoy it very well.  The audience was full of laughter.

After all the plays and competitions, students gathered their things out of the hotel rooms and packed them into the bus. Each one with loss of energy from competing and walking around, relaxed and went back home. Sadly, Copper Hills’ actors did not stay for the awards ceremony. They don’t get to see if they got any awards for a week when the results are shared. But everyone had a good time, and they would go again.