Burning of the CH

Rachael Schafer, Co-Editor in Chief

Every September we celebrate the homecoming of Copper Hills students by throwing a parade and holding the burning of the CH later in the night. Through time both have become a Copper Hills tradition. This year we were able to see many different interpretations of “Cruising through Hollywood,” our homecoming theme.

Our CH pals won the best overall float with the theme “Walk of Fame”. They said the yearly parade shows the diversity of Copper Hills and “allows everyone to be part of something.”  Each float expressed the individuality of our student population, from our Dance Company with their theme of “Hollywood”, and the PLT club with the theme of “superheroes.” There were many students in attendance, and all were united in the same goal: to show grizzly pride for our school.

Members from Choir, whose float was “Singing in the Rain,” and won the “most spirit” award, said that the parade allowed for Copper Hills families to be more involved. This evening brought together not only the students, but also the community surrounding Copper Hills. Parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends supporting Copper Hills students cheered and waved from the sidewalk as each float went by.

At the end of the evening came the much-anticipated burning of the CH. The Science Club worked on creating the CH for almost two weeks, with the support of Mesa through planning and final execution. The burning couldn’t have happened without generous donations of denim from the students and help from NHS as they tied the jeans onto the metal frame of the CH. All their work paid off as the CH was lit, and everyone watched with bated breath as the flames consumed the denim jeans in brilliant bursts of orange and green. Although all of their hard work went up in flames, we can remember the flames and compare them to ourselves. We will all pass through High School and eventually leave, just as the flames disappear into the night. But we will forever leave our mark upon our School, just as the memory of the flames will reside in our minds.