Girls’ Volleyball vs. Taylorsville

Daniella Rivera, Co-Editor in Chief

After a successful win against Herriman last thursday, Girls’ Volleyball played against Taylorsville today.  The national anthem was sung and the girls began. We were winning 15-8 within five minutes. With such an exciting game, little did anyone know that someone would get hurt.  Within the first set, a Taylorsville athlete jumped for the ball to hit over the net. Being unsuccessful with her hit, she landed and collapsed to the floor. The game immediately paused as coaches and teammates ran over to the Taylorsville athlete.  Our trainer Chaz took the Taylorsville athlete, who was desperately clinging to her knee, over to the bench. The game contintued, and we won the first set with a score of 25-15.

With a 13-1 Copper Hills lead in the second set, it was known across the bleachers that our team would be taking another win in this set. The ending score of the second set read 25-12.   With one set left to play, #24 from our team, Asiah Sopoaga, hit a hard spike. #23, Asiah’s twin Aliyah, took a deep dive and saved the ball. Only a few seconds later the scoreboard read 25-8 for the third and final set.  The Grizzlies take another win thanks to our Girls’ Volleyball team, crushing any competitors that come their way.