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Winter Formal vs. Halloween Dance

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Each year, while Copper Hills throws a small Halloween Dance, other schools–such as Herriman and Bingham–throughout our district are throwing extravagant Winter Formals/Dances. So why aren’t we throwing one as well? Copper Hills hasn’t had a Winter Formal in over six years, having been replaced by a Halloween Dance instead.

“I think Copper Hills isn’t having a Winter Formal because it’s during Paws for a Cause and I think that people won’t donate as much as they usually do because they would be saving money to go to the dance,” says Ellie Midgley, Student Body Officer. Many other students agree. In a survey done by The Growl, students said they preferred a Halloween Dance for that specific reason. They’d rather donate money to help out families in need during the holidays than spend the money on dress rentals, tuxedos, shoes, corsages and boutonnieres, etc. “I think the amount of dances we have makes up for not having a Winter Formal,” Ariana ‘Ari’ Garcia, Senior, said,, “I have no problem not having it.”

The Growl also had a handful of students disagree, saying they’d rather have a Winter Formal. Additional surveys found that out of 249 students, 70% said they preferred a Winter Formal over a Halloween Dance. Jake Wheelwright, a Copper Hills Senior, said, “Both my brothers and sisters had a Winter Dance so I would say I would want one and would like it.” Midgley feels like the students still want a formal, “I know a lot of people who want a Winter Formal,” She says, “so I think a Winter Formal would be more successful in that way.” Garcia agreed saying, “I do honestly think the Formal Dance would be much more successful just because girls enjoy getting fancy rather than getting dressed up in costumes.”

The students who prefer the Halloween Dance make a good argument as to why we should keep the dance, but if the Winter Formal would be more of a success why shouldn’t we change it and donate half of the proceeds to Paws for a Cause? Why should we not strive for this change? If the students of Copper Hills are really as interested in a Winter Formal, then why hasn’t anyone petitioned to change it back? We leave it to the students of Copper Hills to decide, should we bring back the Winter Formal or continue with the Halloween Dance? Let us know what you think over on our Twitter page @newspaper_chhs or our Instagram page @grizzlygrowlchhs. And remember, stay strong Grizzlies.

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Winter Formal vs. Halloween Dance