Change Coming to Copper Hills Student Section

Bailey Van Wagoner, Managing Editor, Business Manager, Web Editor

Football games at Copper Hills High School are the most spirited events of the year for one reason: the student section. Unfortunately, the enthusiastic students packed into this section block the wheelchair access to the bleachers. This was a problem discussed during the first Principal’s Round Table of the year.

During this meeting, student leaders and administration discuss changes and problems happening at Copper Hills, such as the issue of the student section.

The administration’s suggestion was to move the student section from the 50 yard line to the far end of the bleachers. This new section wouldn’t block the wheelchair ramps. Student leaders at the meeting initially met this idea with apprehension. Their worry was that moving the student section might lower the morale of students and reduce their involvement in the game. After some deliberation, the students in attendance agreed to move the student section to a larger area on the north side of the bleachers.

Student government wasn’t so easily convinced. Spirit and Pride Officer James Basinger in particular fought to keep the student section in the same place to preserve the spirit of Grizzlies at football games. As a result of the SBO’s arguments, administration relented. The student section will remain at the 50 yard line, but it will look a little different.

In order to prevent students from standing in the aisles and walkways, the student section will be expanded to accommodate our large student section. This will clear the walkway in front of the bleachers and allow easier access to the wheelchair ramp. The new student section will be tested for the first time at our home football game against Herriman. The hope is that there will be the same Grizzly energy characteristic of Copper Hills home games.