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Girls Tennis: Often Overlooked, Not This Year

Lainee Miller

Lainee Miller

Lainee Miller, Staff Writer

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     She feels the beads of sweat roll down her forehead. She wipes her face quickly before the sweat reaches her eyes. She sways back and forth adjusting as the hot sun hits her skin.

The girl on the other side of the net, tosses a ball high in the air, before hitting it straight towards her. With immense agility she reacts, hitting the ball back over the net, and so begins a strategic session of back and forth, of whose legs will last longer, of whose arms will last longer. She hits the ball back at the other girl repeatedly, until she her opponent gets tired or messes up. Whichever comes first. Whoever falls first.

    Girls tennis is one sport many people often overlook, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult to play. “Tennis is more challenging than I thought. There is a lot skill and determination,” says Carli Blake, Senior. It takes a lot of arm strength to get through a match. You have to learn many technical terms, and be able to last through a match no matter how long. Most people don’t understand the amount of endurance that is required to play tennis.

    The tennis team is very excited and ready for the upcoming season. “I think this season is going to be amazing. So many girls have joined. This season is going to be one for the books,” says Karissa Brough, Freshman. Tennis is starting to expand their horizons and become a bigger and better sport. The girls are also very excited about their coach, David Pack, who is also the President of the PTSA. “He is really nice and he teaches us a lot and gets things done,” says Carli Blake, Senior. The coach is making the season fun, yet also rewarding. Girls tennis is going to have an amazing season and everyone should try to go out and see their games.

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Girls Tennis: Often Overlooked, Not This Year