A Season For Change: Football


Lainee Miller

Copper Hills Football Players who will be Senior, Varsity plays this year (left to right) Payton Durfey, DJ Jackson, Sratton Lockabay, and Tyson Hoggan.

Lainee Miller, Staff Writer

You suit up for your game, putting on layer after layer of hot, sweaty pads. You have your pre-game meeting. You know full-well few people in the stands believe you can win. You sit there hoping, praying for something to change. You have put in so many hours of hard work and dedication at practice, trying to prove to everyone that you aren’t the same team as last year.You want to be the change; you want to know the feeling of walking onto that field triumphant.

Going into a new season is hard enough, but add on going in with a bad reputation. “It’s not the best feeling knowing that the community doesn’t really have confidence in us to win games this year,” says Sophomore James Faurschou. In past years the Copper Hills Football team has had trouble winning games, but this season they are ready for something new. “This year is going to change because the team this year is more of a family… everyone on this team is more bonded and united then any year I’ve been on this team.” Payton Durphy, Senior. The team is ready to face the future with a spirit of change. They’ve had the past year to bond as a unit. With new beginnings, there are always new obstacles. “Last year was the beginning of something new. Any time you have change growing pains are bound to happen. It took some time, but I think we have found a group of guys who are willing to buy in and change the culture of Copper Hills football,” says Dave Jackson, Senior. They have all worked very hard to better the program.
Copper Hills football is looking into the horizon with hope. The team is ready to show the Grizzly community that they have something different to offer than years passed. Everyone should try and see a game this season; it’s going to be one for the books. Go on and show the football team that we have their backs. Let’s become one strong Grizzly Nation, for all of our teams.