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Old Face Brings Big Change

Bryan Veazie is the new Principal at Copper Hills High School.

Bryan Veazie is the new Principal at Copper Hills High School.

Kassidy Babcock

Kassidy Babcock

Bryan Veazie is the new Principal at Copper Hills High School.

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As students and faculty return to Copper Hills High School for the 2018-2019 school year, there will be an immediate an obvious change: a new principal. Bryan Veazie is coming back to Copper Hills after previously teaching here many years ago, and also serving as an administrator.

Veazie wasn’t originally in the education field; he started out as an executive director in the assisted living. It was a great fit for him. He was also a paraprofessional coach for football and basketball. But the more he got into it and the more successful he became, the less he was able to teach the youth. Veazie went back to school and after he graduated, his first job as a teacher was at Copper Hills. He also coached football and basketball.

As a teacher, Veazie realized the importance of relationships with students early on.  He also realized that as an educator he needed to find and identify the right tools and skills to help students and create that positive relationship. He had students return who commented on the memorable impact that he had on them. He wants teachers at Copper Hills to do the same.

“We need to provide them not just with the quality in education but more importantly to provide them with the equity of education,” Veazie says. He also believes that each student has unique and educational needs. Each student is different.

Veazie sees himself working at Copper Hills with his amazing staff and faculty and continuing healthy and positive relationships with the students of the Copper Hills population. He wants to be the principal helping those who need to be helped. “I see myself being the principal of a school that has continued to grow, develop, and progress; and a school where students, faculty, and staff, and the community at large are models for other communities and other schools and programs within those schools.”

Veazie has noticed that there is a lot of diversity throughout Copper Hills High and wants to keep it strong because that’s what makes Copper Hills, Copper Hills. What is diversity? “We come from different backgrounds,” he says.“In addition to establishing relationships with the community, with the faculty and staff, and with the students, my priority is to make sure that we create an environment where all students and anyone else who steps foot in Copper Hills High School feel welcome, safe, and comfortable; and where all feel like they are being treated with kindness, consideration, and respect.” If everyone recognizes the diversity Copper Hills has, then each person can feel safe and secure while attending or visiting the school.

“Each student is worth everything,” Veazie explains, and all students should express their own personality. Each student should be themselves. He wants everyone to recognize their own worth, and their own successes. Every person whether they are failing or succeeding matters in their own way. No one should have to deal with depression, anxiety, or any mental illness that gets in the way. He wants to let each student know that he cares and will do anything to show that each person matters and is great in their own way.

Veazie wants the suicide rates at Copper Hills to go down. It’s a pressing matter, and the school is trying to figure out a way to bring it down. It won’t take one person to do it, he said it will take a group of people to work together to figure it out. Each person is enough Being who they are is good enough. There is no need for status in anything. Nothing matters except for who that student is. They need to value, cherish and embrace themselves and others around them. They need to surround themselves with friends who are positive towards each other instead of negative. Veazie wants to focus on bringing this culture this school year. He wants each student to feel that they are worth it. This is what he’s going to do to make Copper Hills great–to keep Copper Hills great.

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Old Face Brings Big Change