Teens Crash Stolen Vehicle, Leading to Brief Lockdown at Copper Hills


Teyanna Kaibetoney

A West Jordan City Police Officer awaits a tow truck at the scene of the crash.

Mindy Braga, Opinion and Lifestyle Editor

Copper Hills High School went into a very brief lockdown on Monday after a stolen truck crashed onto the football field. The 3-minute interruption to homeroom came as police secured the area near the southwest corner of the field by arresting the occupants of the vehicle. According to Sergeant Dan Roberts, West Jordan City police arrested A 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl, believed to be students at Copper Hills, and who had stolen that vehicle at approximately 5 a.m. “We can confirm, at least one of the kids that stole the truck [was] from Copper Hills,” Roberts said.

The owner of the truck, Mr. Devaney, assumed the teens hot-wired his car.

“The last time I saw my car was around 10 p.m. the night before,” Devaney said.

Roberts reported that officers were in the area and working on another emergency, when they received a description of the stolen vehicle. Officers spotted the vehicle, which pulled into the east lot at Copper Hills and parked. Spooked, the teens fled the lot at a high rate of speed, and exited the parking lot onto the road southwest of the Copper Hills football field.

“Our officer didn’t want to pursue the stolen vehicle,” Roberts said, “because with all of the kids around, it would be dangerous.”  Almost immediately, the car crashed and officers called for backup.

“The car fled at a high rate of speed on the road, hit a speed bump, then the car flipped into the fence and down on our track,” Mr. Halliday, Copper Hills Vice Principal said. Mr. Halliday was one of the first school officials to arrive to the scene.

After the car crashed, the teens attempted to flee on foot, causing officials to order the lockdown. The two were quickly caught and arrested; neither had any serious injuries. No serious damage to the field was reported, with the exception of the fence, which Copper Hills will replace as soon as possible.