Rush Into Rush Week


Daniella Rivera, Co-Editor in Chief

Moving from middle school to high school may be tough but with an endless list of opportunities to meet new people the move wont be so harsh.  Copper hills offers many kinds of clubs that students can join based on their interests or what they like to do. A little confused on which one is just right for you?  Consider this as your guide to rush week:  




One Nation

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One Nation is a bully-free environment aiming to help students who are either being bullied physically, or through a social media platform they are making teens aware of any bullying repercussions.  “One nation members greet staff by showing appreciation with different activities or tokens of appreciation,”  says One Nation Advisor, Mrs. Benner.


Hope Squad

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Hope Squad is a group of students being educated on the subject of suicidal behavior and the signs of those at risk.  As faculty member Mr. Vongsawad puts it, “Hope Squad members are educated on how to recognize signs of suicide and self harm and are trained on effectively helping their peers turn to professional guidance.”


Educators Rising

President: Quinn Trutzel

Educators Rising strives to educate young scholars who would enjoy growing and moving into a teaching career by learning different teaching methods.  “One of the most applicable reasons that we offer for joining the club is that if you understand education better, you’ll learn easier,” says Quinn Trutzel.


PLT (Peer Leadership Team)

Co-President: Sara Anderson

Co-President: Aidan Brady

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PLT connects back to the community by going back to elementary schools and teaching them about refusal skills with dances and skits.  “We do service around the community as well as spread a message against drugs and violence.” says Sara Anderson.  “PLT is a real treasure class,” says Aidan Brady.


Key Club International

President: Abigail Hokanson

“Key Club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to build character and develop leadership” (Abigail Hokanson).  Creating change and making differences in our community is the main focus of Key Club when providing service to others.




Spanish Club

President: Leslie Cueller

Spanish Club is a culture defining experience that oversees the similarities and differences between latin countries for the purpose of uniting them. “Being in the club would not only allow you to experience that, but also to meet great new people,” says Spanish Club President Leslie Cueller.


German Club

[email protected]

German Club promotes anything in relation to Germany and takes time to celebrate festivals such as their Oktoberfest with loads of food and games!  German Club Advisor Mrs. Hickenlooper says, “Come and learn about German culture with some awesome students and have fun!”


LIA (Latinos in Action)

President: Sofia Negrete

[email protected]

LIA helps students share “their unique perspective as latinos and the personal assets they can offer.”  They work to build confident examples that help with service throughout their community while preparing them to succeed in their future.  “LIA can become your second ‘famiLIA,’” says LIA President, Sofia Negrete.


BSU (The Black Student Union)

President: Daud Mumin

[email protected]

BSU “is to foster a sense of community among all students of the African Diaspora at Copper Hills High School.” (Daud Mumin).  With a welcoming environment, BSU aims to unite students of all races while getting rid of the division.


French Club

President: Marlie Taylor

[email protected]

French Club is seeking to teach those interested in learning about the french culture.  Throughout the year students learn to speak the french language and experience what the french life has to offer through multiple socials.  “Students should sign up because we always have so much fun,” says French President, Marlie Taylor.


Chinese Club

President: Andrea Horrocks

[email protected]

Chinese Club opens the eyes of students about centuries-old traditions and the Chinese language through socials each month that help students “experience something new!”  “For example, we’ve watched Chinese films and done traditional calligraphy,” says Chinese President, Andrea Horrocks.  


ASL (American Sign Language)

President: Zoe Adams

ASL is a club that allow students to experience a whole new sense of living by linking two kinds of communities with one way of communication.  The club has fun learning the language, “telling stories, playing games, and doing service projects for the Deaf,” says ASL President, Zoe Adams.




NHS (National Honors Society)

President: Aidan Leggat

NHS is known for its massive impact on the West Jordan community for its ongoing service and volunteering.  It emphasizes leader charactership and “promotes academic excellence, leadership and service and being a member looks good on college and scholarship applications,” says Aidan Leggat, NHS President.


Skills USA

[email protected]

Skills U.S.A. is a leadership driven club that has loads of diverse competitions from cabinet making to photography with exceptional prizes and scholarships to be won.  “We have many fun activities that the students can get involved with such as The Muffin Man, Sub for Santa and competitions,” says Skills U.S.A. Advisor, Mr. Crane.


TSA (Technology Student Association)

[email protected]

TSA prepares students for various amounts of competitions that showcase your technological side with areas of robotics, web, video, animatronics and many more!  It’s a “Fun easy way to get involved without making huge time commitments.”  Says Mrs. Culbreath, TSA Advisor.


FFA (Future Farmers of America)

President: Rylee Warnick

FFA looks more on the importance of how agriculture plays apart in our lives by supporting and going to events such as horse judging, and vet sciences!  “You don’t have to be a farmer” if you “are interested and care to show the importance of agriculture and the hard work put into it, it’s a lot of fun.”  says FFA President, Rylee Warnick.


MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement)

President: Ruth Shelton

MESA goes beyond the limits of just ordinary math and science by going into depth in solving problems using engineering strategies!  “Students should joining this club because throughout the year we go on fun field trips and do lots of socials.  It’s a party ;)” says Ruth Shelton, MESA President.


FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America)

President: Alyssa Walker

[email protected]

FCCLA is an opportunity to seek more information on the careers within the family aspect:  interior design, cooking, and sewing. As well as competing in local competitions to show off their new skills!  “Anyone who likes to take FACS classes should join!”  says Alyssa Walker, FCCLA President.


HOSA – Future Health Professionals

President: Enfany Ngo

[email protected]

HOSA is the ideal club when interested in the medical field being it “is all about preparing students to excel in the health community through education, teamwork, and experience.” says Enfany Ngo, HOSA President.”  Challenging students like you to become major compassionate health professionals!  


Science Club

President: Tyler Carson

Trying to be the new Isaac Newton?  Science Club enters a whole new world of science with relations to our developing world.  Making themselves involved with “the CH burn at our homecoming parade and celebrations along with various fun activities throughout the year.” says Tyler Carson, Science Club President.


BAM (Business and Marketing)

Bailey Van Wagoner

[email protected]

BAM is filled with endless amounts of competitions from graphic design to apparel mixing the international clubs of FBLA and DECA.  “I may not even go into business as my career but I still really love BAM, it’s just a blast! There’s just something interesting for everybody to learn or be a part of.” (Bailey Van Wagoner).



Copper Hills Slam Poetry

President:  Jessica Mcmann

[email protected]

Slam Poetry is an amazing emotional experience where students are welcomed to express their opinions and feelings about a subject they are passionate about and will get the eyes and ears of an audience that is truly willing to listen.  “is a good option if you feel like you haven’t been able to talk about {a} real subject in other aspects of school.”  (Jessica Mcmann).


Speech and Debate

Daud Mumin

[email protected]

Speech and Debate is a great way to speak or argue about politics or any kind of issue.  With our 2x state championship team, you’ll be able to learn very quickly! any profession you want to go into, debate will help you prepare you for those skills.” (Daud Mumin).


Drama Club

President:  Analynn

[email protected]

Drama Club allows you to act out any situation in your life, or one that is already written out on paper for you, on the stage with shining lights.  “Activities like drama rama allow students to direct shows, and tech classes allow students to learn how to operate lights and sound.” (Analynn).




History Club

President:  Aubrey Brempong

[email protected]

History Club allows student to dive deeper into the decades and centuries back that you are interested in!  “We watch really interesting movies and documentaries that really help to paint a picture of an era to help you get a feel for the subject.” says Aubrey Brempong, History Club President.


Choir Club

President:  Rachel Pugmire

Choir holds the door open with welcoming arms to allow loads of fun and music come through,and you guessed it!  They sing as a family! “You don’t have to be good at singing or anything like that. You can come and have a good time no matter what.” says Rachel Pugmire, Choir Club President.


LGBTQ+ Club (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and more)

President:  Andrea Horrocks

[email protected]

LGBTQ+ strives to stop any kinds of stigmas and incorrect information about the community!  “We would like students to sign up to spread understanding and help prevent the spread of misinformation at school and in the lives of students.” says Andrea Horrocks, LGBTQ+ President.


Copper Hills Hockey

[email protected]

Hockey works to build a sports family, improve their skills and work on sportsmanship.  “Grizzlies are held to a higher standard because we can, and will be, the best we can be at all times.”  says Mrs. Ashby, Copper Hills Hockey Advisor.


Video Game Club

President:  Asher

Video Game Club seems like a dream when it’s built to meet with friends and play the video games you love most, even with the occasion of doing so at the Microsoft store!  They are also “gonna have a esports teams that colleges look at, so we provide people with a great opportunity.” says Asher, Video Game Club President.


Art Club

President:  Kaela Sayasith

[email protected]

Art Club ventures to inspire students to create what they feel through visual, digital, structural and many other kinds of art, without a teacher their to dictate what can be done!  “We’ll be making art, doing museum strolls and holding art contests!” says Art Club President, Kaela Sayasith.


Newspaper Club

President: Daniella Rivera

[email protected]

The Grizzly Growl is a student-run voice of Copper Hills. We plan, produce and print our award winning newspaper and run our website, – Students who wish to take part in the awesome field trips, competitions, and publishing opportunities, but don’t have the opportunity to take the class, can still be a part of our family and help us grow.


Literary Magazine Club

President: Aidan Leggat

The Copper Hills Literary Magazine, Chasms is a national-award-winning magazine featuring the poetry, prose, art, and photography of Copper Hills. The club aids the staff in the marketing, editing, design, selection, and production of the annual magazine. Club members are also welcome to attend the amazing field trips, visits from industry professionals, and super fun activities we have throughout the year.