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Questions Dance Concert

Sam Adamson, Staff Writer

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April 13th, 14th, and 16th Dance Company and guest performers presented a concert of questions. Each dance beautifully expressed a question relating to life. How far are you willing to go to discover your purpose? What has technology done to us? Why didn’t you say something? Why hold back? These are all questions that were expressed throughout the whole night. Morgan Jeffers was able to go above and beyond by choreographing her own solo and writing a poem to show everyone her passion for poetry. Trevor Noble and Samantha Adamson gave a live performance alongside Performing Ballroom while answering the question, “does young love last?” Friday and Saturday ended with Dance Company amazingly showing who they all were beneath each individuals skin. Monday night was especially beautiful because the final question that was answered was, what has Elyse (Pearmain) done for you? A short video of past students of Elyse talked about their favorite memories and what they learned from her. The grandest gift that they were able to give to Elyse was by unifying and showing their appreciation through a final dance of the night.

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Questions Dance Concert