Sophomore Orientation

The Chance For Sophomores To Shine

Chasity Mayo, Co-Editor In Chief

Debaters polish their trophies, theatre students iron their costumes, in fact, every club in the school compiles their flashiest elements to prepare for sophomore orientation. As seniors leave their legacies behind, many clubs are left with a significant decrease in numbers. Sophomores are the easiest targets, making sophomore orientation one of the most important nights for club recruitment.

“Sophomore orientation helps students to find what they are passionate about, and find their path in high school,” said Hala Louviere, Senior. Not only are new members important, but joining a club sophomore year can lead to many opportunities. Many clubs offer the possibility of both social and academic success, meaning new members have the ability to build support systems and receive scholarships for involvement. “Without sophomore orientation, I would not have joined half the clubs I did. I would not be the person I am today,” stated Louviere.

Every organization at the school has a different tactic for convincing innocent sophomores to join them. The debate team makes their trophies shine as bright as their smiles, meanwhile having club officers hand out pamphlets and individually talk to families. Maren Kelly, club officer for FCCLA, states that “We try to put a big emphasis on leadership and community service.” CH PALS, a club advocating for students with disabilities, emphasizes the importance of friendship.

For one night a year, incoming sophomores become the most popular people in school. Not only is it important to keep member numbers up, but it’s important to make these newbies feel welcomed to Copper Hills. Although clubs have specific goals, we all are aiming to make the student body a family. By promoting unity at sophomore orientation, clubs not only help current students, but future ones as well. It’s not hibernating season anymore, Grizzlies; it’s time to welcome the new cubs to our pack.