Grizzlies Unite

Copper Hills Plans to Make this Year’s Christmas Even Better


Baileigh Beebe

Grizzlies unite just in time for Christmas.

Madelyn Hutchins, Staff Writer

The Grizzly nation is gearing up once again for the annual Paws 4 A Cause fundraiser. If you’re new to the school and don’t know what it is, most people would describe it as an organized chaos where money flies around in every direction until the next week when no one has cash left for Chick-Fil-A.

In all seriousness, Paws 4 A Cause is when Copper Hills comes together as a student body to help those who are less fortunate by raising money through all sorts of activities. At the end of the month, the money is spent on presents for kids in families that can’t afford to have Christmas. Every club gets involved in a friendly yet competitive brawl against another club in order to raise more money. Whoever raises the most gets to impose their punishment on a competing club. The senior wrestlers, for example, might go through the painful yet hilarious experience of Student Government waxing their legs.

There are countless things to be involved in throughout the month. You will see Student Government walking around with big buckets full of cash as people donate all they have, even pennies count. There’s a jail built in the commons that you can pay to have your friends thrown into and either you, or someone else has to pay that same amount or more in order to bail them out. Also in the commons, there will be wrapping paper, lots of colors, and countless clubs bustling around, trying to get donations. Last year, Principal Quarnberg and some other seniors performed the famous dance sequence from Mean Girls which proved to be a hit. Let’s also not forget the Muffin Man. Ever sit in class and long for food? Fortunately, during the week, you can tweet the Muffin Man and tell him to come to your class and he will arrive with a selection of muffins to fill your empty stomach.

Last’s year’s theme was Elf. The fundraiser came to a close at the end of December by watching the comedic movie. The theme for December 2017 is Winter Wonderland, which is a broad topic so that clubs have more freedom to “deck the halls” while still encompassing everything we love about Christmas.

Last year, Copper Hills raised about $32,000. This year, we strive to go even farther than that. “I’m so excited for Paws 4 A Cause,” says Senior and SBO President, Maryn Hansen, “We’re doing a few new things this year that I really hope work out and are a success. But most of all, I want people to see how much each donation makes a difference and how much people truly appreciate it. Everyone donates out of the goodness of their heart and it is incredible what we can all do together.” Hansen continues, “It is a neat experience to deliver these gifts to the families. These are families in our own neighborhoods who just need a boost during this time of year and it’s so neat to be able to be the ones to give that to them.”

Gavin Hawes, the Spirit and Pride officer, says, “Make sure you donate because it really does help, no matter how much you donate. What Copper Hills is capable of is very special and brings me such pride to be apart of such an amazing school.”

Not only does Copper Hills donate money, but the Grizzlies also host food drives, and clothing drives where anyone can bring in more than just food. People bring in basic necessities like soap and toothbrushes. Everything is stored in a place called The Principal’s Pantry. Principal Quarnberg said “There are a lot of homeless kids out there that wouldn’t have Christmas without us. My main focus is not only helping Utah, though I’m still in support of that, right now my main focus is just helping our own and we are in desperate need of that.”

The holidays are known to be a joyous time where you get days off from school and are free to make new memories with your family and friends. For those who live on the streets or in a homeless shelter, it’s not as easy to feel the Christmas spirit that is such a tradition in anyone’s home. Walking by someone in need on the streets isn’t exactly the pinnacle of joy and there’s a reason we feel terrible for them. Our hearts suddenly ache for them to get to feel the same kind of happiness that we feel during the holidays. But even for the people who don’t spend the holidays in the typical way most of us have the privilege of doing, we can all come together and make their spirits brighter.

We have high hopes for this year, but the Grizzlies can come together on the foundation of humility and selflessness and put their hearts out there to show the community that the Grizzlies are going to stand up in unity and be there to help in times of need.