Caroling Christmas Chaos

The Madrigals Prepare for the Craziness Called December


Shane Carpenter

Copper Hills Madrigals preparing for a busy Christmas season.

Madelyn Hutchins, Staff Writer

It’s already well known that the Christmas season is a busy time, but especially for the Madrigals here at Copper Hills. December is the busiest time for Madrigals as they squeeze in every possible show to sing the classic songs we all know and love. Because of the tight schedule, the madrigals got straight to work, trying to nail their songs way back in October. Why so soon?

On average, Madrigals have 10-13 songs, not including the sing-along songs they do with the elementary schools. They have anywhere from 20-30 shows in the month of December, sometimes more than three shows a day. Madrigals spread the Christmas spirit at places like retirement homes, elementary schools, middle schools, Temple Square, ward parties, and last year, they even got to sing two of their songs on Good Morning Utah. “Christmas music by a great choir sets off the tone of the holiday for me. Watching the madrigals perform brings the spirit of the season to life for me and brings back good memories and feelings. I like the mix of fun and upbeat songs as well as the beautiful harmonies and songs with deeper meaning. It isn’t Christmas without a madrigal performance,” says Becky Yates, who watches the Madrigals perform every year.  

The choir secretary, Preston Adams said, “My favorite thing probably has to be the facial expressions of the people we go and perform for. They always seem to have a warm expression when we’re done with our performance. It’s just a fun experience for everyone.”

Every December, the Madrigals take a day off from school and tour downtown. They perform their songs in places like the Church Office Building, Assembly Hall, Church History Museum, and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. “Christmas music by a great choir sets off the tone for the holiday for me. Mr. Taylor, the choir director said, “One of my favorite things is getting to sing at the Assembly Hall down town with the beautiful acoustics.”

 With several shows a day, it can be hard to keep up. All these shows are bound to swallow up their energy and excitement for the holidays.  

Keeping stamina all throughout the year can be difficult, especially when you sing the same songs every day, all month. Mr. Taylor said, “The hardest thing for Madrigals in December is doing it over and over again and keeping it fresh every time.”  Imagine hearing a new song on the radio that you absolutely love but they play the song constantly to the point you have to change the station every time it comes on. That is similar to the way Madrigals feel after singing their songs for weeks on end.

After all the performances and constant travel, it’s a real challenge keeping up with everything. Emily Acton, a senior and this year’s choir president, said, “The hardest thing about December is the sleep deprivation. I just need to make sure that I’m prioritizing my schedule and making sure I have time for both music and homework.” While it is very difficult to keep up with everything, Emily said that this month is the biggest time where the madrigals become like family. Eric Petersen, a junior Madrigal, commented, “I heard last year with all the Madrigals how much time they spent together and it just sounded like a big bonding experience and I can’t wait to take part in that.”

Through the chaos and trying to keep up, the madrigals hope to bring smiles to faces and help other people feel the Christmas spirit through their singing. Madrigals always have a busy season during Christmas but there’s no doubt that they will be successful.